i want
the saddest songs,
the loneliest girls,
the smallest victories,

i want half empty glasses

because thats
they build
the strangest

I feel like I should be
writing this drunk,
that maybe my
fingers could find the
right keys better,
that I could tap into
some muscle memory
I stumbled over
at 5 AM
years ago
but I am incredibly sober,
and I have been
now for several days,
I go do the things I have to do
and I wake up on time,
and I even have lunchmeat in the fridge
but I still might be able to
get it across because
I think you 
the heavy
and unbearable weight,
I think you know
the middles lifted out of the days
I think you know
the wasteland
and the way they
pick the meat off of
I think you remember the
lips and eyes
and hips
of long gone lovers
and the feeling 
of being locked out
on your back
in your room
when the pages of the books
that once made
you feel strong,
feel thin
and weak
desperate fingers
it’s enough to
stop your heart right in its
it’s enough to make
run your palm along the plastic
of the phone
the overload of a kiss
at 19 and sparks floating
down from the sky
on some major holiday

and you feel ok,

and I’m probably going to walk over
to the bar to get 
a beer later,
nothing crazy,
just some more time alone
in public,
feeling better


Been waiting for these goodies to arrive, so many emotions 🙊💎 my summer just started. #young #poetry #billwinchester #stargirl #jerryspinelli #fangirl #rainbowrowell #attachment #anabundanceofkatherines #jhongreen #anabundanceofkatherines #jennyhan #thirteenreasonswhy #jayasher

I hope you enjoy it!

young and Paperback Heart by Bill Winchester (brightlightsloudnoises) on Amazon.com

you were looking out the
and you felt inspired
you said,
trust me, things look better from
a distance

I’d never heard anything like
that come
out of your mouth before
so I asked why
and you said
then you don’t have to deal with it

I was impressed
but I kept standing there
on the cold tile
watching the warmth
of your naked
and silhouette
fog the

laid on the
your toes pointing due east
while I sat on the couch

you looked
and beautiful
all I
could think of to do was
to get more ice from the freezer

so I dropped a fresh cube in
each of our
red plastic cups…

and baby,
wherever you are,
if you’re having a hard time
I promise that
if you can make it through
the night

the morning will be better

Without Love - Daniel Johnston

Free Speech For The Dumb - Discharge

Here’s some catchy music for a Wednesday night!